Being well versed with cloud computing and mobile app development, Prathvi realized there was a potential idea where application developed on cloud architecture can support and run these use-cases better. After futher discussion with many experts Prathvi decided to quit the job to pursue this idea.

While brainstorming on Idea of Pixuate, Prathvi was closely in touch with Mr. Ravindra Datiskop as he was an expert in Cloud Computing Technologies (also Prathvi’s project guide during his graduation – Graduation Project where they would discuss on different possibilities and scope of the product. And at a point where things were clear and the path was set, they decided to work together in this venture.

Pavan joined the team when alpha version was ready and team started developing apps on top of Pixuate. Pavan was head of operations in the startup where Prathvi previously worked. (Mobile industry pioneer of medical device and wireless sensor integration

As things progressed and we were ready to launch a closed beta, Sandeep came into picture as a developer evangelist. Sandeep started is first company during his 2nd year of collage and has been an entrepreneur since then. He is also the manager of Google Developer Group, Belgaum. His vast network and connections with developers is helping Pixuate gain some traction.
With increased connectivity and camera's on mobile devices; its just the beginning...