We are workaholics

The team has over 40 years of combined experience.

Prathwiraj Palekar


An expert developer and dedicated manager, Prathvi is the driving force behind Pixuate. In more ways than one, Pixuate is his brain-child.

He has been in love with coding since the age of 10. Learning C on a Celeron powered PC in school, he immediately took to it. He has only become better with time, acquainting himself with many software advances. Adept at coding for mobile platforms, he is proficient in Android and iOS. Joining Ruby IT Solutions after college, he soon stepped out to form his own company Cocoslabs in 2012. Since then he has been working on creating technology for the future.
The driving force behind Pixuate

Ravindra Dastikop


He is teaching in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. The area of his professional focus are Cloud computing and Web Tools for Teaching and Learning.

He has published several research papers and is a renowned speaker on cloud technologies.

Expert in cloud engineering

Pavan Bhattad

Innovation Mentor

Pavan has worked with multiple sized companies ranging from startups to Giants like Amdocs. Pavan has himself started a company in Mobile applications in 2008 that later merged operations and team with Vignet Inc. Pavan's wide experience in Engineering and Operations as he set up a company and grew it to 40 people will come very handy to Pixuate.

Pavan is doing his research on the Human Brain and also works as a Thinking coach with his specialization in Innovative and Creative thinking. He is directly trained by Tony Buzan (Globally ranked no. 1 in Creative IQ, Editor of Mensa and Inventor of Mind Maps), Phil Chambers (Chief arbiter at World Memory Championships) and likes. He has mastered techniques invented by Experts like Edward De Bono, Daniel Kanheman and likes.

With himself having contributed in 5 industry first solutions, he is the best fit for Pixuate as an Innovation mentor