Introducing IDFyMe – A Perfect Replacement for your gallery

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October 10, 2014
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June 30, 2016

Ever scrolled forever in your phone gallery to find that one picture, taken in that one place, with that one friend? I know I have! I wish i could organise my photos. But I just don’t have the time and patience.

That problem is old news with IDFyMe. It is a gallery app that can detect and recognize faces. It makes finding faces super easy. Because it knows who you want to see.

IDFyMe is a perfect replacement for your gallery. It syncs all your photos and processes them. During the sync, it will find and mark all the faces it finds. Tell IDFyMe who is who just once, and it will tag people automatically.



Let’s see IDFyMe in action.

Screenshot_2014-11-09-23-47-23 Screenshot_2014-11-09-23-48-37

Very first thing you need to do is set up your own profile. It’s simple enough. You need to add your name and photo.

Screenshot_2014-11-09-23-47-43 Screenshot_2014-11-09-23-48-00

Immediately we are presented with IDFyMe. It has a 4 Tab layout. It is for People, Circles, Albums and Photos.

 Screenshot_2014-10-31-15-43-27 Screenshot_2014-10-31-16-54-11

People Tab is a list of everyone you know. It imports names from your contacts. You can add more people by clicking on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner.


Next to it is the Circles Tab. It allows you to put all your contacts into convenient circles or lists. This tab gain prominence in coming updates.


Being a gallery replacement, this app has to provide basic gallery functions. The Albums Tab lists all your images in their respective groups.


Finally we get to the most important part of IDFyMe. The Photos Tab houses all the photos found on your phone.


Although this is all nice and shiny, it is just the surface. IDFyMe can do much more. Most importantly, it can detect and recognize faces.

Now IDFyMe is pretty intelligent, but it doesn’t know everything. It would need a few pointers from you. It is quite easy to do that.

Tapping on a photo will bring you to the Image Viewer. There is a face tagged but no name attached to it. Tap the label at the bottom. It will list all your contacts. Pick one or add a new name if you need.

Screenshot_2014-11-10-02-44-48  Screenshot_2014-11-10-02-35-23

Now head on over to to your people and see their photos listed under their name.


IDFyMe will start looking for that contact. Where ever it finds that face it will automatically tag it. Now you can search for that person and all their images will pop up!


More stuff is hidden in the Navigation Drawer. Hit IDFyMe on the top left or swipe from the left of your screen. This has your profile @your_name. The help menu also has a handy guide to help you with IDFyMe.



IDFyMe uses Pixuate as its backend technology. All of the features in IDFyMe are directly implemented from the Pixuate Image Processing Platform.

IDFyMe is less than a month old. It is exciting enough but we are just getting started. More features are to be added, but they are all under wraps. Keep in touch to know more!


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