Pixuate is the framework which deals with image processing, the new paradigm of the computing world. You don’t need to learn whole new code. Pixuate packages all the technology into one place. Get face detection, feature detection, emotion detection, gender detection, license plate detection, image matching and optical character recognition out of the box. Pixuate is the developers door to the future. .

  • Accurate & Scalable.
  • Licensing Options.
  • Data Security..
  • Engineering Support.

digiKYC - Identity Verification Made Simple

In just 3 steps Click, Upload, Verify.

  • Accurate
  • Scalable
  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Deployment
  • Complete Solution
  • Digital Documents
  • Automatic Document / Card Reading using Pixuate Technology.
  • Built for Mobile Era.
  • Cloud Based Scalable Storage.
  • Instant Validation.
  • Report Generation.



Ever scrolled forever in your phone gallery to find that one picture, taken in that one place, with that one friend? I know I have! I wish i could organise my photos. But I just don’t have the time and patience.
That problem is old news with IDFyMe. It is a gallery app that can detect and recognize faces. It makes finding faces super easy. Because it knows who you want to see.
IDFyMe is a perfect replacement for your gallery. It syncs all your photos and processes them. During the sync, it will find and mark all the faces it finds. Tell IDFyMe who is who just once, and it will tag people automatically.

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